Author Topic: Parakeet In My Yard - how do I capture it (it won't survive the winter)?  (Read 728 times)

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I've had a large 'budgie' parakeet in my yard for the past week; it enjoys eating from my feeder (currently using a millet mix).

I realize it won't survive our SE PA winters - I've tried to get it to eat from my hand in order to capture it and bring it in the house (so at least it would be at a safe temperature with the intention of getting it into a cage, and finding it a loving home) but it only allows DH & I to get within a foot or so before it flies away.  I have a setup with a plate of millet, a mirror, and a sheet - the sheet would be thrown over the bird as it eats the millet, hopefully enabling us to bring it inside for shelter before luring it into a cage, but it prefers the feeder.  I've also started broadcasting YouTube videos/recordings of budgie calls while leaving a door open, to no avail.

The bird appears extremely healthy; ads for lost parakeets haven't had any results.

Any advice would be appreciated - thanks!


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